Saturday, November 29, 2008


Since I was a kid I have wanted some sort of amphibious vehicle like something from a James Bond movie. Well, I found the one I want. It's going to be around $85,000 when released in 2009/2010 so any donations will be appreciated.

I mean, couldn't you see me on the Mighty Mississippi in this baby? Or evacuating for the latest hurricane in style? Or saving animals in the next flood? I NEED this thing.

Send donations to:
Desperate Dreamer
123 Broke Street
New Orleans, LA 90210

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone wear your elastic waist pants, go back for seconds, and be thankful for stuff like Dirt Nasty.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

How did I miss this?

Leonard Cohen.

Do you ever "discover" a musician or group or song only to find out that the WHOLE world knows about it but you. Do you wonder how in the hell they slipped past you all of those years? Does this happen to anyone else? It has happened to me quite a few times.

Fleetwood Mac, for one. My BFF Elizabeth was playing them years ago in the car on the way to some gayish/ravey/dancey club in Jackson, Ms when I was like, "who the hell is this?" I now have most of their albums on vinyl.

Dirty Mind, by Prince. This one was introduced to me on a "mix CD" from another BFF, Kirschun. I know Prince. I almost dressed as Prince for Halloween a couple of years ago. I can act out the abuse scenes from Purple Rain. How did I miss this rockin' song?

Okay, back to Leonard Cohen. I never knew who he was. I never even realized that one guy sang all of these way cool songs. I've heard many of his songs in movies and loved them all. Now, I finally put it all together and realize that this old guy rocks my world. Great lyrics, greats songs, great voice.

I'm sure there will be more discoveries down the road, but until then, I'm going to enjoy this little golden nugget.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kevin's Visit

We had another helper! Sistah Grrrrl Kevin came for a visit this past weekend. I didn't know (s)he was such a powerhouse of a yard worker! (S)he was a HUGE help re-arranging the heavy furniture, shopping for a TV, hauling off stuff the garbage collectors won't pick up....just all sorts of stuff! There was a game plan and we stuck to it! I don't know how we accomplished sticking to the plan because booze was involved from before noon-until. (S)he was a MONSTA! Somebody gonna put a ring on that!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Muuuch better!

Maybe one day I'll post something besides house stuff.

But, I had a VERY successful day! It totally made up for the sucky one I had just had. I unpacked about 8 boxes of kitchen stuff. Washed, dryed, and put away everything on temporary shelves until we get the new kitchen cabinets done.

Then, I rearranged a bunch of boxes and organized my mess. Timmy came over with a gallon of frozen daiquiris and we worked some more. OUT WITH THE POWER TOOLS!!!! I cut 2 new shelves for the bathroom cabinet and removed the door. (sounds dumb, but it is better) Still have to replace the trim.

We moved a very heavy futon to his house which was a real back-breaker. Then I had to return the big flat-screen TV that I had bought the night before. It worked for about 15 mins and then it died right before my very eyes. Piece of junk. Next, a quick stop a Lowe's for more lumber. Then home. Cut two more shelves for bathroom cabinet. (in the dark with daiquiri in hand)

Installed the gas line to the stove. Moved some heavy furniture around. Then caught a cold. In that order.

Brandy is happy to have her new stove. It's shiny and everyone knows that Bran likes shiny.

A very good day, indeed! Not sure what's next. We'll see. Maybe I'm on the ups!

Friday, November 7, 2008


All i wanted to do was have a productive night at home with a bottle of wine, a small plumbing project, a little natural gas-line hook-up, a quick balancing of the washer, and a slight shaving of a jammed door. It's Friday, why not.

Wrong parts for the gas-line for the third time.

Leaky seals on shower parts....again. And broke a part. 4th shower head. Long story.

Bought wrong tool for wood shaving.

Cut finger.

And I'm not even going to look at the washer.
Sorry, just had to get that out. Seems the only thing I can get right tonight is drinking and watching a shitty Queen Latifah movie on TBS. So here I sit. Damn it all.

I am now completely vented. Thanks for "listening."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Did I mention that I was an asshole?

I'm not the only one, though. Brandy and I BOTH forgot our 2nd anniversary. We suck. We've been on another planet for a while and we just.....forgot! My mom called tonight to tell me that she had been trying to reach me to wish us well but that was TWO DAYS AGO!!!!

Not only did we forget, but we forgot for TWO DAYS! We're lame.

Anyway, at least I'm off the hook since we both flaked out. I love her and her bad memory.

C.Y. Fluff 'n Stuff

If anyone ever asks me the question "where were you when Obama was announced as the new prez?" the answer will be that I was in the utility room (a little drunk) trying to hook up my new washer/dryer combo. I heard all of these people in the street screaming and such. What the hell? I almost spilled my wine trying to get off the floor to see who had been shot! Don't do that to a brotha in New Orleans! Jeez.
Anyway, washer/dryer works. Oh, the little things! I'm so proud.

And yet another item to be proud of.....our new poop can for the back yard. It was tastefully decorated by Mrs. B.
I would love for there to be some black hole somewhere in the yard that would just suck up and dispose of all things poo, but until I find it I will be happy to use this fancy bucket.