Sunday, July 27, 2008

Roger Ebert in tha house.

I went to this morning and read an overload of info about all of the up-and-coming movie stuff that you may already know.

Alice In Wonderland by Tim Burton (nobody could do it like Burton!)

Where The Wild Things Are by Spike Jonze (excited and curious after seeing this pic)

The Terminator: Salvation with Christian Bale (Bale will make it good)

Tron 2 (WTF!)

Anaconda 3 with David Hasselhoff (brandy will love it)

Rocky Horror Picture Show made by MTV (ruined, i'm sure)

a possible Top Gun sequel (if they can get Tom Cruise on board) (kill me now)

RoboCop 2 (who cares)

The Day The Earth Stood Still (you have my attention....)

Friday The 13th (it's a sickness that i can't help. i love 'em)

Red Sonja (if it ain't got Bridgette Nielsen all drunk, i don't care)

I might go see Dark Knight today. I gotta see if it's REALLY the BEST movie EVER or if everyone is still a bit mushy over Heath. We'll see.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank You For Being A Friend

Estelle Getty may have died on us, but everyone knows she was the REAL Golden Girl. She was a TOTAL Samantha in a world of Carries, Charlottes, and Mirandas. Now THAT should be on a t-shirt.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little Ben, he is not.

After two kick-ass movies in a row, Casey Affleck has moved up my list as one of my favorite actors of the moment. If you haven't seen Gone Baby Gone (worth watching just for the background people and extras and their nasty accents) or The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (worth watching for the realistic looking gunshots and the scenery), you should. The boy is good.....even though he is an Affleck. (not his fault)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Don't it make my brown eyes blue.

I'm fine with tatoos. I like them. I have one. Some are cool. Some can be overboard. Some can be hot.
(see The Swayzaur: part Patrick Swayze, part centaurs. both are mythical creatures, but only one wears a sleeveless Chippendale's tux)

But this shit is whack.

Being in the "eye biz" and being surrounded by fishing communities, Post-Katrina do-it-yourselfers, and contact lens-abusers, I have seen some gross eye shit. But this takes the cake.

Eyeball Tatoos. An injection of a mixture of ink and an antibiotic eyewash and is injected through the cornea into the sclera with a syringe (since the typical tatoo gun was unsuccessful).

After over 40 injections, this asshole can cross his fingers and hope he doesn't go blind from either complications from his stoopid tatoo OR infection from his disgustingly dirty fingernails.

Okay, so let's say he survived it with his sight intact. Good for you. But what now? What now?

(erin, sorry. i know you get grossed out.)
(kirsten, tell yo man to discourage this.)
(anyone interested, no.)

Jesus is smiling

It's happening. It's REALLY happening! I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it for myself. The big house, otherwise known as The Five-Nine-Four-One, is being (watery eyes) painted. Yes, painted. One side is already done. One whole side! Of course, that may be the only side that gets painted over the next 8 to 10 years, but it's painted!

I never thought I would see the day. It's the same color because it is (supposedly) historically protected to stay the same. I don't care as long as it's fresh.

What's next? Regular lawn maintenance? HA HA HA!! That was funny.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July

Good times! Celebrated Independence Day with the Mexicans! Taqueria Corona had it's 20th anniversary party and it was muy bonita! Free food, wonderful cheap margaritas, and Fredy Omar con su Banda played. It looked (maybe it was Blake who called it) very Hotel Cartagena from Romancing The Stone. There were even some fireworks in the background to make it complete. (see video)

We walked down to St Joe's while playing with sparklers and singing patriotic songs. Some guy brought a huge US flag to the bar and everyone sang a very drunken version of the Nat Anthem together. THAT was a sight to see.

Then we went back to the Mexicans, drank and ate more, then nightcapped at Tim's. Great night.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


found a guy at the Art Market this past weekend who does some semi-decent shirts. thought you guys might like a few of them. i'm slightly link-retarded so i'm going to try by getting you to click here to see if it works.
i like a few of them.

p.s. enjoyed the visit Kny and Christie!