Sunday, June 20, 2010

No oil.

Went to Destin, FL last weekend.  Pretty standard beach trip besides the fact that I had extraordinary company.  Brandy and Calvin, of course.  We went to the only place that we know of that will accept a large dog with being sneaky.  Constantly trying to hide a very large dog really screws up your relaxation time.

Brandy is someone who knows how to "beach" and that is a hard thing to do with someone who loves the ocean but kinda hates the beach.  Just feed me drinks or pills and the sand doesn't bother me AS MUCH.  It has just never agreed with my fair, freckled, sensitive skin.  Nor does the sun or salt, for that matter.  But she loves it and what with the oil upon us and all.  Guess it's better that we went while we could.

Anyway, we did see a little more sea creature action than normal.  I guess those critters are being drawn inland to feed since the oil is mucking it up out there.  Couple of stingrays, schools and schools of fish (large and small), and a couple of big crabs.  The feeding frenzy at daybreak was pretty unreal and kinda scary.  We found that sunrise and sunset are my best times for the beach.  Although, that is feeding time.  Screw it.  We were the only jackasses in the water.  A bit scary.

So, good times.  Good company.  Good Pomegranate Margaritas.  Successful R & R.

By the way, the guy being buried in the SAND made me want to puke.



Anonymous said...

I like the new layout on the blog. Cool pix.

- Kny

Anonymous said...
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Mint Julep said...

Thank you! Glad it was earl free for you guys!

Chris said...

Yeah, Julep. No earl, but I failed to mention the algae. It was like jello until you swam way out past the goo. Kids were running around with drying slime all over them. Pretty gross.